Upgrade Your Checklist Process with New Dotloop 2.0 Tasks

Use the improved Tasks feature to help set, sort and organize your important transaction steps and deadlines, list to close

Getting from a listing to a closing is not always a straight line in real estate. You may need specific documents and tasks completed before you can even list a property. Likewise, if managing a buying transaction, you may need to submit the offer against a deadline.

No matter which side of the transaction you’re handling, the new dotloop 2.0 Tasks can help by organizing all the important steps and deadlines to ensure nothing is missed in the process.

Dotloop + LMS Sample Checklist

How New Dotloop 2.0 Tasks Can Help Streamline Real Estate Transactions

For those new to the experience, which is currently in beta, dotloop 2.0 offers a more intuitive transaction management experience. As part of the new dotloop 2.0 interface, Tasks is designed to enhance organization and eliminate friction that can block seamless collaboration among teams, brokers, agents and clients. Here are a few highlights of dotloop 2.0 Tasks that will help streamline your real estate transaction organization.

Preview Tasks Templates before Adding to Loop. With the prior Tasks experience, you had to know ahead of time which tasks were associated with a particular task template before adding it to the loop. Now with dotloop 2.0, you can preview the list within the task template to confirm you’re adding the correct list.

Dotloop Tasks Templates Menu

Search Tasks Within a Loop. Dotloop 2.0 has enabled a search function within the loop so you can now easily search among all tasks and mark tasks complete.

Search Bar Within a Loop

Sorting of Tasks by Due Date. In the past, you could sort tasks by dragging/dropping tasks in any preferred order. With the dotloop 2.0 experience, you can still drag and drop your tasks within the loop, but now you have the added functionality to sort tasks by the due date.

Sorting of Tasks Drop Down Menu

Filter by Due Date.  Previously, you could select filters based on if they were assigned to you, overdue or completed. The dotloop 2.0 Tasks experience now allows filtering by due dates to provide an upfront overview of important dates.

Sorting of Tasks Drop Down Menu Options

Delete Multiple Tasks Within a Loop. While the former Tasks experience allowed users to delete tasks on an individual basis, the new dotloop 2.0 Tasks gives you the ability to delete multiple tasks all within the loop.


Organizing the Transaction on an Admin, Transaction Coordinator or Team Lead Level

New dotloop 2.0 Tasks will also help team leads, admins and transaction coordinators organize the workflow of who does what inside the loop by delegating tasks to everyone on the team. While the experience for these roles are similar to the description above, there are a few key points to call out that will improve the experience for these roles.

More Visibility for Loop Users. To begin, dotloop 2.0 has introduced the ability to manage Tasks within the loop, whereby anyone in the loop now has visibility and access to the task list.

Loop Users Drop Down

Dotloop Manage List Access Section

Within the Manage List Access section, you can add more people and allow them to access Tasks once the option is enabled.


Utilizing Dotloop 2.0 Tasks within Admin Compliance 2.0

The dotloop 2.0 experience has brought a new look to the compliance review process, which integrates with the Tasks 2.0 experience to organize your workflow. For example, you can create a task list as you begin to review documents, noting which ones need to be returned to the agent. With this list, you can create tasks that correspond with specific documents that need attention and assign them to the agent with a due date.

This will a) notify your agent in the loop about the new tasks to complete and b) keep both your compliance and due dates aligned.

You can also create a follow-up tasks list for items that involve “next steps” that need attention if documents are either missing or incomplete, for instance.

Using Dotloop 2.0 Tasks to Initiate Scheduling of Listing Media Services

Dotloop is now part of the ShowingTime+ family of brands, which includes new Listing Media Services, a fast, reliable way to book high-resolution photography and media designed to help agents bring their listings to life and differentiate from the competition. Use dotloop 2.0 Tasks to remind admins, transaction coordinators and team leads to schedule photo shoots and more:  

  • Start a task template to create a pre-listing checklist, including scheduling a photo shoot. Listing Media Services offers two media packages so you can select what you need, including high-res photos, interactive floor plans, virtual tours, aerial photography and more. 
  • Provide access to those in the loop who can help set up the media order on ShowingTime+ Listing Media Services.
  • Once the order has been placed, add another task within dotloop 2.0 to confirm the media order and date/time.

Ready to Make Your Transaction Journey More Streamlined?

The new improved dotloop 2.0 Tasks experience should help streamline your buying and listing transactions, start to finish. Giving the ability to further sort, organize and filter your daily tasks, as well as schedule Listing Media Services, new dotloop 2.0 Tasks will help transform your entire transaction journey and, hopefully, make the process more collaborative and enjoyable for everyone in the loop.

Not In The Loop? Take Dotloop 2.0 For a Test-Drive

If you’ve already been invited to test-drive dotloop, simply follow the steps below. If you have not received an invite and would like to help shape the new dotloop through your feedback, make sure to request early access by joining the waitlist.

Step 1. Open or Create a Loop. Sign in to your dotloop account and open any existing transaction or create a new one.

Step 2. Flip the Switch. Once you’re inside the transaction, toggle to the “Try out new view” switch in the yellow bar at the top of your screen.

Step 3. Share Feedback. As you explore dotloop’s new transaction experience, make sure to share your feedback by clicking the link at the top of your screen.

Already in the loop? Check out these dotloop support articles for more helpful information about Tasks in dotloop 2.0:

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