Solutions for MLSs & Associations

Equip your members with the tools they need to succeed

An investment in ShowingTime+ services is an investment in your members. By offering the ShowingTime+ suite of products as a member benefit, you’re demonstrating your commitment to supporting member success as you equip businesses with the tools they need to succeed.

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Software Solutions for MLS

Showings and Offers

ShowingTime for the MLS

  • Allow agents to quickly schedule showings from your MLS with the integrated  “Schedule a Showing” button that appears on listings 
  • Receive monthly reports on market activity, trends, etc.
  • Schedule and confirm showings, view and manage feedback from buyer’s agents, all from the convenient ShowingTime mobile app

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Appointment Center Laptop Product Image

Appointment Center by ShowingTime+

Appointment Center combines our tried and true showing service with our top-of-the-line reporting tools, including pricing support, customizable feedback, 24/7/365 access to experienced and courteous appointment specialists, and the ShowingTime mobile app for agents to easily do their job on the go. 

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Offer Manager by ShowingTime+

Included with Appointment Center by ShowingTime+, Offer Manager is also available as an add-on service for ShowingTime for the MLS and Front Desk by ShowingTime+ services.

  • All offers are automatically organized for you within Offer Manager, making it easy to see and manage all offers for each listing
  • Receive text, email and app notifications for new offers, making sure an offer is never missed
  • The included Side-by-Side Offer Comparison makes it easy to help clients easily understand the key details of competitive offers at a glance
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Data and Analytics



  • Compare up to four geographies by a variety of housing variables, market metrics and time calculations
  • Investigate important market metrics by county, city, postal code, neighborhood and other geographies
  • Personalize market charts with your headshot, company name and contact information

Target Market Analysis

Target Market Analysis

  • Provides a detailed graphical representation of price ranges generating the most showings within a market
  • View anonymized pricing and showing data from active inventory in a market
  • Produce easy-to-ready charts to guide client conversations



  • Local market trends presented in a modern, easy-to-use interface
  • Create detailed one-page market reports for any type of geographic area – perfect for sharing with clients and prospects
  • Gain a complete picture of your local market with reports on metrics, supply, foreclosures and more

Pricing Benchmark Report

Pricing Benchmark Report

  • Pricing Benchmark Report makes it easy to generate a report while managing other tasks
  • Easily retrieve timely statistics on comparable listings within a market to guide pricing conversations with clients
  • Included with Appointment Center by ShowingTime+, our full-featured showing management suite

MarketView MLS

MarketView MLS

  • Review closed transaction units, volume, market share and other metrics for agents, offices and firms in your MLS
  • Generate custom reports based on the housing characteristics or location for the last month, last year, or year-to-date
  • Compare an agent, office or firm’s performance versus the MLS average in several different metrics over different time periods

Lockbox Integration

Secure Access® by ShowingTime+

Secure Access® by ShowingTime+ leverages information from confirmed appointments to keep home access secure while also making it quick and simple for agents to access homes during their scheduled appointment time.

Lockbox Integration Secure Access by ShowingTime+

Listing Marketing

Listing Media Services

Listing Media Services is a technology-enabled real estate photography service that offers agents comprehensive media packages to make their listings stand out in any market.  

With just a few clicks, agents can schedule a professional photographer with on-demand booking to capture all the media they need to build a compelling listing that attracts buyers. This includes high-resolution listing photos, an interactive floor plan with embedded virtual tour, downloadable floor plans, aerial photos and more — delivered on time, neatly packaged and easily shared.

Photographer and Listing Media Services Product Images

Data Distribution

Bridge Platform

The Bridge platform enhances your existing infrastructure and allows you to easily manage multi-party agreements and automate data access with multiple data offerings that include a modern RESO certified API. Bridge also offers extensive customization options, including a single feed, to ensures you meet all national mandates.

Bridge API Images of Teams Working Together
Real-Time Availability API Product Image and Realtor Showing a Home to Family

Real-Time Availability API

Real-Time Availability displays only available home tour times on websites, speeding up the booking process and removing scheduling obstacles for buyers, sellers, and agents. It provides a real-time sense of a listing's availability and saves agents from wasted time on unavailable times.

Coming Soon!

Dotloop 2.0

Dotloop 2.0 is the smoothest dotloop experience yet. The entire platform is being rearchitected to accelerate innovation so brokers, teams, agents and clients can effortlessly collaborate throughout the transaction. This new version has a sleek new look that conveniently places all elements of the transaction right at your fingertips and keeps you focused on the task at hand.  

With dotloop 2.0, a new and improved interface makes it easier than ever to collaborate with clients and team members, allowing for a seamless transaction experience.

Dotloop 2.0 Mobile Product Image with Realtor

The Next Generation of ShowingTime

Building off more than 20 years of experience as one of the industry’s leading showing management services, a significant new update to our showing platform will be available later this year.

The next generation of ShowingTime is a fundamental redesign of our showing management platform, streamlining the user experience while retaining the original functionality so many real estate professionals throughout the U.S. and Canada rely on every day. The re-engineered, modern interface is intuitive, flexible and adaptable to market conditions, all while providing a familiar experience.