8 Ways to Help Get More Showings

Top-performing agents are generally great at creating interest, getting showings and selling listings at or near list price. How do they do it?

We’ve reviewed an assortment of content and referenced what we’ve learned from ShowingTime+ customers to compile this list of eight ways to help get more showings. Some points might seem obvious, but making them “must-do” items for each listing can help you reap rewards.

1. Confirm the Listing Is Ready to Be Put on the Market

Make sure the home is cleaner than it was when the current homeowner moved in. Consider having your homeowners give rooms a fresh coat of paint (preferably white or neutral, so it’s easy for the next people to paint over it as they wish) and fix any wear and tear on the walls, trim, etc. Maybe hire a professional cleaning service to come in and get every last speck of dust.

Don’t forget curb appeal. Try to make sure the homeowners understand the importance of a well-kept lawn and fresh landscaping.

2. Market the Listing as Desirable

When staging the clean home, try to make sure the homeowners’ personal belongings and knickknacks are out of sight as much as possible. Use professional-level photographs to showcase every room and be conscious of lighting.

While visual elements are crucial, don’t neglect how you word the listing description. Use enticing (and accurate) language to highlight the features of the home, neighborhood and school district.

Advertise with as many different websites/newspapers as possible to maximize the number of impressions; also consider paid placements on sites such as Zillow, Realtor.com or Homes.com.

3. Think outside the Box and Use Technology

Professional pictures are important, but don’t limit your marketing to only still photographs. Consider hiring a professional videographer and perhaps even better, a drone videographer to create a virtual tour of the home. Some agents do drone photography themselves, so you have options.

4. Make the Listing Easy to Show

All agents may know convenience and communication are key in making showings easier. Lockboxes can help showing agents get in and out of a listing effortlessly and having few restrictions on when the listing can be shown is also important. The more often a listing is available, of course, the more often it can be viewed and likely the better chance you have at getting it sold in a timely fashion.

5. Let Neighbors Know the Home is Available

We’ve heard from agents who have had success handing out flyers in the surrounding community and inviting neighbors and other community members over for a pre-open house. Maybe they know someone who is looking for a house and can recommend it. There’s real power in word of mouth.

6. Know the Market When Setting the Price

The most beautiful house on the nicest block in the most charming neighborhood may not sell if the asking price isn’t right. Use market statistics to help determine the listing price.

7. Offer a Competitive Buyer’s Agent Commission

How commissions are split is something listing agents agree to with sellers; it wouldn’t hurt to consider adding an incentive. Something extra could entice showing agents to share the listing with their clients.

8. Lower the Price/Offer to Pay Closing Costs

Too high of a price is one of the most common reasons homes remain on the market longer than expected. Depending on how long the home has been listed and the homeowner’s timing, a price adjustment might be worth considering to complete the process.

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