Offer Manager

Real estate offer management

Brokers and multiple listing services – transform the way agents receive, present and respond to real estate offers.

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Offer Management

Use offer management solutions for the win

In 2021, ShowingTime debuted a game-changer: Offer Manager. With Offer Manager added to their existing ShowingTime subscription, brokers and multiple listing services can offer agents the tools they need to help optimize efficiencies and improve communication by organizing, storing and handling offers without relying on email. Offer Manager helps agents ensure an offer isn’t missed.

Fast response times, automatic notifications, instant acknowledgment of offers, and the high-level comparison of all offers in one easy-to-read report – Offer Manager equips real estate agents with the speed, vision and service that helps them be the real heroes to clients.

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Offer management solutions
  • “The side-by-side [offer] comparison is a game-changer. I customize it and share it with my client right from my phone.”
    Joe Kipping
    Keller Williams Tampa Bay Homes
  • “We got 55 offers on [a] property in three days. Before Offer Manager, I would literally have to print out every offer.”
    Kathy Damewood
    RE/MAX Alliance Group, Englewood, FL
  • “I use Offer Manager in my listing presentation as a selling feature. It’s high-tech and it’s real time, and it keeps the seller up-to-date on what’s really going on.”
    LJ Woodard
    One Percent Listing Group, San Diego

Brokers and multiple listing services

Offer Manager

Existing ShowingTime subscribers can add Offer Manager to help improve communication between buyers agents and listing agents during the offer process.


Customize offer instructions per listing


Automate notification of offer receipt


Get side-by-side offer comparison