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Zillow Showcase

Zillow Showcase welcomes independent photographers to help create an immersive listing experience


By partnering with independent photographers, we can empower real estate professionals to choose the photographers they prefer to give agents access to unique marketing opportunities on Zillow. To begin, please complete the training below. 

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Why am I here?

Most likely, you were requested by a listing agent who wants you to capture the media required to compose their Showcase listing.

Zillow Showcase is a premium listing experience designed to help real estate listings stand out from the competition. Due to the nature of how Showcase listings are created, the images of the property need to be captured in a specific manner. This is where you come in!  

Showcase listing
What exactly is a
Showcase listing?

Showcase listings provide an immersive listing experience with high resolution photos, interactive floor plans and powerful branding for listing agents – all designed to help their listings and brand pop on Zillow.com, the most visited real estate website in the United States.

At the heart of the Zillow Showcase rich media experience, high resolution photos and an immersive Zillow 3D Home tour and interactive floor plan help differentiate Showcase listings from the competition.

Interactive Floor Plans
What are Zillow 3D Home tours and
interactive floor plans?

Zillow 3D Home automatically generates interactive floor plans from the traditional and panoramic photos taken by professional photographers.

Interactive floor plans combine a one-of-a-kind floor plan, a virtual tour and still photography into one cohesive user interface that leverages proprietary technology from Zillow’s 3D Home app. 

Learn more about how you can offer interactive floor plans with Zillow 3D Home to all of your clients.

3D Home Details
Interactive Demo
How do I capture the
media required for a Showcase listing?

Our training resources will provide you with all the information and equipment you need for Showcase listings.

Click the link below to get started.

Ok, Let's go to the training.

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View our full list of FAQs here.
  • CaretUp

    Zillow Showcase is a unique listing marketing product that allows agents to create an elevated listing experience on Zillow.  Showcase listings combine interactive media, listing agent prominence and powerful exposure on Zillow to impress sellers and help agents win more listings.

  • Agents have the option to work with their photographer of choice – that's you – to capture the listing media for their Showcase listing. We're here to facilitate that process and connect you with the resources you need to capture and upload all the high-quality, interactive media needed to create the elevated Showcase listing experience.

    We’ve heard from agents that their established photographer relationships are important. We respect these relationships and through this program can offer agents who want to leverage Zillow Showcase in their business more choice, while supporting independent photography businesses.    

  • Participating photographers are required to capture still photography and a Zillow 3D tour and interactive floor plan.

  • Zillow 3D Home tour and interactive floor plans are available to you at no cost to include in the suite of services you offer to agents as you see fit. Zillow’s interactive floor plan is a cost-effective way to enhance your value to help your clients get specialized exposure for their listings. Interactive floor plans bring your client’s listing to life into a seamless, interactive experience, buyers and renters can get a sense of your home without stepping foot inside. See more details on the Zillow 3D Home website.

  • This varies based upon the size of the home. On average, it should take approximately 45 minutes to simultaneously capture a Zillow 3D Home tour and interactive floor plan.

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