Aryeo joins ShowingTime+

Aryeo remains committed to serving photographers and media creators and providing business-building solutions

Zillow Group acquired Aryeo, a leading real estate media software and content management platform for photographers and media companies. To learn more about the acquisition, click here.

Branick Weix, Matthew Michalski and Brendan Quinlan founded Aryeo to serve the real estate photographers and media companies who power listing media for the entire industry. As part of the ShowingTime+ suite, Aryeo will remain an independent brand available to all photographers and media creators.

ShowingTime+ will invest in improving the features photographers know and love, like updated marketing centers and white-labeling, while keeping the functionality media creators rely on to deliver great results for their customers. Aryeo customer feedback will continue to shape which tools and capabilities are most valuable, and this feedback will guide potential new features that will help photographers run and grow successful businesses.

Aryeo joins ShowingTime+ at an exciting time as the brand continues to improve and elevate the real estate industry for all. As with Aryeo’s founding vision, this work includes bringing more rich media to more listings to improve home shopping experiences. The recent addition of real estate marketing and services leader VRX to the ShowingTime+ suite accelerated the launch of ShowingTime+’s first-party media solution Listing Media Services and new listing agent offering Listing Showcase. These offerings are examples of ways ShowingTime+ is helping advance the industry by making more interactive listing content available for the shoppers and sellers who expect immersive digital experiences.

At the same time, ShowingTime+ knows many agents prefer to work with their trusted local photography partner and strongly believes independent photographers have an important role to play in the real estate industry. Independent photography partners are an essential part of bringing more interactive listing content to consumers. Through Aryeo, ShowingTime+ will be able to offer even more features and rich media options to photographers and media companies on the platform, like the option to auto upload interactive floor plans directly to Zillow and other ways to seamlessly share their work.

Data privacy is a priority for ShowingTime+ and Aryeo. Aryeo’s privacy policy remains in place, and information will continue to only be used in accordance with applicable privacy policies. 

From both ShowingTime+ and Aryeo, thank you to our customers for your partnership and support. We look forward to continuing to serve you, hearing your feedback, and investing in the Aryeo platform to make it even better for your business.



Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Zillow acquire Aryeo?

Zillow has long believed that more rich, interactive media on more real estate listings is better for the entire industry. Through Aryeo, we can deliver more interactive media to the industry to help provide the home shopping experience consumers want.

Is Aryeo going to be shut down?

No, the Aryeo platform is not going to be shut down. Aryeo will continue to operate as a photographer and media company-focused platform and brand within the ShowingTime+ software suite. Aryeo’s real estate photography software will remain available to help photographers and media companies share their work, connect with potential clients and grow their businesses.

What is happening to the Aryeo team?

Branick, Matt, Brendan and the Aryeo team are continuing to run the business within the ShowingTime+ software brand at Zillow Group. We’re not going anywhere!

What is happening to the Aryeo brand and product?

The Aryeo brand and product are continuing, and together with ShowingTime+ we can invest more resources into making Aryeo the best possible platform for real estate media companies.

I see both Zillow and ShowingTime+ being referenced – what's the difference?

ShowingTime+ is Zillow Group’s real estate software brand dedicated to improving the real estate industry for agents, brokers and MLSs, and the customers they serve. Aryeo joins the ShowingTime+ brand as an independent product for real estate photographers and media companies.

What about data privacy? Are Zillow's or ShowingTime+’s sales teams taking my customer lists and using it to take my business?

No, neither Zillow nor ShowingTime+ sales teams are taking your customer lists and using them to call your customers. Data privacy is a priority for ShowingTime+ and Aryeo. Aryeo’s privacy policy remains in place, and information will continue to only be used in accordance with applicable privacy policies.

Does Zillow own my images?

No, neither Zillow nor ShowingTime+ own your images. As a customer of Aryeo, you retain your ownership rights to any uploaded media.

Can I speak to someone about further questions?

Yes – the Aryeo team is available to answer any and all questions. Please reach out to and we’ll get you connected to the appropriate team member.


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