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Saturday – Sunday, 9 am – 6 pm EST

Phone: 833-918-0066

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I see real estate photography pricing?

View real estate photography pricing for your area by navigating to the order page and entering a property address and square footage.

Do you have travel fees for photography sessions?

At ShowingTime+, we won't charge you any travel fees when booking real estate photography sessions within our serviceable area. However, if by chance the property falls outside of our standard serviceable area, our customer support team is happy to connect with you and evaluate if we can fulfill your special request. If we can accommodate you there could be an additional fee depending on the specific circumstances.

Can LMS be used for commercial real estate properties?

No, LMS can not be used for commercial real estate properties today. Our interactive floor plans are only optimized for residential properties.

How do I cancel or reschedule an online booking?

Cancel or reschedule up until 24 hours prior to your appointment. Same day, late or on-site cancellations will be charged a $50 fee.  If your appointment incurs a travel fee, the travel fee is charged in addition to same day, late or on-site cancellation fees.

Your order confirmation email contains a link to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

Will I be charged a fee for canceling or rescheduling?

A cancellation or rescheduling of a confirmed appointment within 24 hours of the appointment will incur a $50 fee.

How should I prepare my house for my photography appointment?

ShowingTime+ has step-by-step guidance to get your listing ready to look great in photos and virtual home tours. Click here to get our photography checklist. 

How long will it take for my real estate media to be delivered?

Media will be returned to customers within the time stated in the following table:

Still Photos, Aerial Photography, Twilight Photos & Interactive Floor Plans
Next day (by 5 pm Central Time) Monday – Saturday, excluding holidays (Shoots on Saturday are delivered on Monday.)

High-Res Floor Plans, Social Reel, Aerial Video & Interior Video
No later than 2 days (by 5 pm Central Time) Monday – Saturday, excluding holidays (Shoots on Saturday are delivered on Monday.)
"High-Res/2D Floor Plan" revisions available Monday-Friday. Any requests made EOD on Friday will be processed on Monday

Virtual Home Staging, Virtual Home Staging & Furniture Removal
2 days (by 5pm Central Time) Monday – Saturday, excluding holidays (Shoots on Friday and Saturday, staged photos are delivered Monday.)

Where will I be able to access and download completed real estate media?

When your shoot is complete, you will receive an email with a link to a media delivery page that includes all real estate photography and other media ordered.

How can I download and share my media after it has been delivered to me?

All customers will receive a media delivery email.  Unique links will be provided in your media delivery email that will allow you to access all of your real estate media. 

1. Choose the link in your delivery email to get to your media portal.
2. “Special Links” - This section will provide a branded and unbranded 3D Virtual Tours.  In order to add your virtual tour to the MLS - copy and paste the unbranded link for your virtual tour directly into your MLS.  
3. “Download All Photos - ZIP File” - This section provides access to all photos.  Click “MLS Files” to download your photos.  Once downloaded, find the folder and right click. Select Extract All and once extracted, your photos are now ready to be uploaded directly to your MLS.  

How long are virtual home tours (interactive floor plans) hosted?

Interactive floor plan tours purchased through ShowingTime+ are hosted indefinitely. 

Can I have something photoshopped out of a photo?

Individual photo edits, such as wall color changes, cord removal, and picture or personal item blurring, are available by individual request.  They are an additional charge priced on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact customer support at with a description of your requested edits for a quote and additional information.  

What rights do I have to real estate media that is delivered to me?

We grant you a limited, sub-licensable license to use the Media Services for the sole purpose of: (1) marketing the corresponding home while the current listing is live (not a future listing for the same home); (2) submitting a listing to a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to be published in and used in connection with the MLS or Service Compilation (as defined by each MLS) over which the MLS claims copyright; (3) creating derivative works if you are a participant in a MLS and have received a copy of any Listing Media Services photographs in the MLS or Service Compilation provided by your MLS (you may sub-license or sell your derivatives, but you may not sub-license or sell the Listing Media Services photographs themselves to a third party); (4) including in comparables to assist with pricing homes and creating comparative market analyses (CMAs); and (5) including in marketing materials for your professional real estate or photography services.

How are the interactive floor plan dimensions calculated?

Total internal size and room count reflect available MLS data. Room dimensions and individual floor areas are calculated by Zillow based on data submitted through the Zillow 3D Home® app. All dimensions are approximate and subject to independent verification.

When will the photos sync with my interactive floor plan?

Professional photos will sync with interactive floor plans when photos are added to the MLS and the real estate listing goes live.

Who can I contact if I need support with an order?

Contact ShowingTime+ customer support at or call 833-918-0066. 

Can I split the appointments for different parts of real estate media packages into multiple visits?

To help us maintain efficiency and convenience, all Listing Media Services packages are shot during a single property visit. If you require multiple visits to capture the property, please book the desired services through the "A la Carte" options on the desired dates. This will allow you to schedule the photographer for multiple visits and customize the services according to your specific needs.