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In case you haven’t heard, the next generation experience is a fundamental redesign of our showing management platform, streamlining the user experience while retaining the original functionality so many real estate professionals throughout the U.S. and Canada rely on every day. The re-engineered, modern interface is intuitive, flexible and adaptable to market conditions, all while providing a familiar experience. Best of all, this update will come at no extra cost to ShowingTime users!


The next generation update is the culmination of our more than two decades of experience reinventing showing management to make it easier for real estate professionals, home buyers, and sellers, and we think it’s well worth getting excited about. Given the positive feedback we’ve received since we first announced the next generation of ShowingTime, it seems many agree.

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The streamlined new interface makes it easier to use ShowingTime to simplify showing management than ever before!

As a participant in the pilot program, you’ll gain exclusive early access to exciting features that will be part of the newly updated platform. We’ll notify you as soon as a feature is available, and you’ll receive notifications within the existing version of ShowingTime when new functions are available to try in the next generation version of ShowingTime. You’ll also be able to continue to use the classic ShowingTime platform that you use today throughout the duration of the pilot program.

As always, your feedback plays an instrumental role in the development of the services we offer. As a member of the pilot program, you’ll have a special chance to directly shape the future of ShowingTime+’s showing management platform and help us offer a better experience for everyone!

For complete details on the program including an FAQ, a list of currently available features you’ll be able to access and details on how to register for the program, click here.

We also offer the opportunity to receive updates on the release of the final version of the next generation ShowingTime experience by subscribing to our mailing list.

We’ll continue to provide updates on when you can expect to begin using the next-generation version of ShowingTime in your market, as well as additional details on new and enhanced features you’ll be able to utilize upon its release.

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