3 Questions Real Estate Agents Need to Answer Right Now to Grow Their Business

Sellers expect more digital selling solutions from their agents than ever. New listing tools can help deliver the technology needed to scale in today’s market.

A listing agent’s job seems straightforward enough: Land as many listings as possible. But how?

There are multiple paths real estate agents pursue to grow their business, with no shortage of online resources available. Agents can also get training from their brokerages and insights from colleagues. No development opportunity should be ignored when growing a business.

In addition to the plethora of resources available, answering these three questions can also help you succeed as a listing agent: What do sellers expect from you? What tools can you use to achieve more success? And how important is technology to your growth?

1. “What do sellers expect from me?”

According to a National Association of REALTORS®1 report, 97% of buyers used the internet in their search, an indication that sellers will likely gravitate toward tech-focused agents experienced with creating compelling online listings. With so many buyers searching online, it’s imperative that agents have a strong digital marketing plan.

Success often depends on being more than a "post and pray" agent. Your digital marketing plan can help drive buyers to your listing, while rich media elevates your listing to keep them interested.

Moreover, most sellers say2 they are more likely to hire an agent who includes virtual tours and/or interactive floor plans in their services (70%). First-time sellers were especially likely to say so: 75% said they were more likely to hire such an agent.

By utilizing features like virtual tours, interactive floor plans, aerial videos, and photography, you can show your sellers that you are up-to-date with the latest technology and have the skills to attract potential buyers. The good news is that you can access these powerful tools through Listing Media Services, a new offering from ShowingTime+ that is already available in select markets and will be expanding throughout the year.

2. “What tools can I use to hit more home runs this year?”

Whether preparing listing presentations, analyzing market reports or executing a digital marketing plan, agents have access to a wide assortment of tech tools that can make the difference between a good year and a great one.

According to a recent study3 66% of successful buyers said virtual tours would help them get a better feel for a home than static photos. Sharing statistics like this and informing potential clients that you always include virtual tours with your listings can help set you apart.

Floor plans are another developing trend, but not all floor plans are created equal. Leveraging the latest media technology — such as interactive floor plans vs. static floor plans, part of Listing Media Services from ShowingTime+ — can help bring your listings to life and provide an immersive viewing experience.

3. “How important is technology to my growth?”

Research4 performed by Zillow Group from March 2022 through June 2022 showed that listings with a virtual tour were saved 78% more often than listings without a virtual tour. It also found that listings with floor plans and virtual tours typically sold for 22% more.

An agent who can communicate those kinds of statistics to potential clients — and make it known they include those features with their listings — will have a good chance at winning the business.

It's clear that sellers expect agents to utilize the very latest tech advantages they have at their disposal. They also expect them to skillfully execute a digital marketing plan that will get their home sold quickly and at the best price. Learn how Listing Media Services can help you deliver on both. 



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