10 Ideas to Help Generate Team Leads

According to a national study commissioned by Workman Success Systems (WSS) and sponsored by Sisu, The Unexpected Impact of Teams in Real Estate, 81% of agents said they think that being on a real estate team makes them more likely to stay in the industry, and 72% of real estate professionals on teams believe their team has been essential to their success.

The Workman study also found that one of the reasons team members succeed is the opportunity to specialize. When each team player can concentrate on doing one thing well, teams can operate more efficiently and deliver better customer outcomes.  

And yet, even some of the most well-established real estate teams may feel listing lethargy among prospective buyers in what many characterize as an unprecedented low-inventory and high-interest rate market. 

The good news is there’s a great deal a real estate team can do to overcome the challenges and help generate more listing leads. To get “10 Ideas to Help Real Estate Teams Generate Leads and Win Listings,” download the free shareable list here.

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