The Essential Pre-Listing Home Seller’s Guide Template

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Turn leads into listing appointments with this Pre-Listing Home Seller’s Guide template from ShowingTime+, designed to help you nurture potential sellers and motivate them to take the next steps in listing with you. 


What's in this Essential Pre-Listing Home Seller’s Guide Template?


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Title page

The Essential Pre-Listing Home Seller’s Guide:

Everything You Need to Know Before Listing Your Home

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Introductory letter

Are You Thinking About Listing Your Home?

If so, we would love to introduce ourselves and help you prepare for what is likely one of the biggest transactions you’ll make in your life. At [YOUR AGENCY’S NAME], we’ve been helping sellers like you sell their homes in the [YOUR MARKET] area for [NUMBER OF YEARS IN SERVICE] years. 

We know selling a house can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s why we prepared this guide, loaded with useful information to help make the listing process as seamless, stress-free and productive as possible. 

In this guide, you’ll find:

  • 5 Characteristics to Look for in an Agent
  • Documents You’ll Need to Gather in Advance of a Sale
  • A Smarter Pricing Strategy
  • How to Create a Stand-Out Listing and Marketing Plan
  • Introduction to [NAME OF AGENCY] 
  • What Previous Customers are Saying About [NAME OF AGENCY]
  • Next Steps

Company Name

Contact Info

Since 2005


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5 Characteristics to Look for in an Agent

5 Characteristics to Look for in an Agent

Before landing on an agent, do your homework. Ask your prospective agent what they can offer a potential seller like you. This may include asking:

  1. Do they specialize in buyers, sellers or both? [At AGENCY NAME], we specialize in the listing side. That means, we’re hyperfocused on helping sellers like you meet their goals, whether it’s to sell your house for the maximum amount or to sell within your desired timeframe.
  2. Do they respond in a timely manner? When you and potential buyers have questions, you want an agent who gets back to queries in 10-15 minutes – not 10-15 hours. Do they have systems in place to handle communication in a timely manner? Do they train their staff to provide clients with timely updates?
  3. Are they honest and trustworthy? When it comes to selling your house, you need an agent who you can rely on to represent you with integrity in all aspects, from pricing and negotiation to providing referrals for contractors, lenders and inspectors. At [YOUR AGENCY’S NAME], we pride ourselves on giving sellers straightforward, honest answers to all your questions and concerns.
  4. Do they know the local neighborhood? An agent who understands the subtle nuances of the local [LOCAL MARKET NAME] area is far more likely to know the fluctuating home values, housing inventory, and local agents and third-party providers who can help make your home sale seamless and successful.
  5. Do they have a standout marketing plan? In today’s competitive market, you need an agent with a plan to help differentiate your property and go the extra marketing mile. As a Showcase agent, I offer an exclusive listing service that includes:
    • High-resolution photography, a virtual tour and an interactive floor plan
    • Dedicated emails to prospective buyers
    • Prioritized placement in buyers’ personalized search results on Zillow

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Documents You’ll Need to Gather in Advance of a Sale

Documents You’ll Need to Gather in Advance of a Sale

Before selling your house, you’ll want to start collecting several important documents related to the property. These may include:

  • Receipts, manuals and warranties may include large appliances like washers and dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers and stoves; security systems; entertainment systems; garage doors and more.
  • Homeowners association documents, including the HOA rules and regulations and homeowners dues.
  • Past utility bills give potential buyers an idea of how much their electric, gas, water and sewer bills may cost while living in your home.
  • Pre-listing inspection report completed by a certified home inspector to assess the condition of the structure and other aspects of the property.
  • Latest mortgage statement and payoff. Include any second mortgages, line of credit or debt incurred by the home.
  • Seller’s disclosure, a required legal document that discloses any issues with the property.
  • Home appraisal report to help assess the fair market value of the home and help determine how much a mortgage lender will lend a buyer.
  • Preliminary Title Report, also known as a “prelim,” can provide valuable information on deed restrictions and limitations on the property’s usage, such as how many vehicles are allowed on the property. A prelim will also inform of any outstanding issues tied to your property before you list, such as liens placed on a property for unpaid property taxes or child support. Because many of these issues can take time to resolve, it’s always a good idea to have this information upfront.

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A Smarter Pricing Strategy

Pricing your home strategically is a key factor in how quickly and for how much it sells. We’ll consider recent sales in your neighborhood, market trends and your home’s condition when setting the price. We’ll also want to factor in your current mortgage balance, commissions, transfer or excise taxes, prorated property taxes, escrow fees and recording fees. To get started, ask me for a free comparative market analysis to better assess your home’s fair market value. 

Pro Tip: Showcase listings sell for 2% more – that’s $9,000 more on a home sold at the average home sales price in the U.S.** Also, Showcase listings are almost 20% more likely to go pending in the first 14 days, compared to similar, nearby non-Showcase listings on Zillow.***

All claims and substantiation are current as of 5/31/2024 .  Updated claims and substantiation are available at the following URL:

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How to Create a Standout Listing and Marketing Plan

  • Use Professional Photography, Virtual Tours and More - Listing media can help set your home apart from the competition. At [YOUR LISTING AGENCY], we’ll help you assess the best media mix to represent your home in the best light. This may include high-resolution photography, virtual tours, interactive floor plans, aerial photography and video, social media videos, amenity images, virtual staging and furniture removal, and more.
  • Stage the Home – You might also consider staging your home, especially if it’s vacant when showing. Staging can help buyers envision themselves living in the space, highlight the property’s best features, create a welcoming atmosphere for buyers and potentially help it sell faster. We can also “virtually stage” your home, using digital technology to place furniture in ways that highlight the layout of your home.
  • Expand Your Marketing Reach - Is your listing supported by a comprehensive marketing plan, such as dedicated emails, social media videos and expanded exposure on Zillow?
  • Sell Them With Showcase - As a Showcase subscriber, we can help your listings stand out with immersive, interactive media, prioritized placement with personalized search results and expanded marketing reach on Zillow.

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Introduction to [NAME OF AGENCY]

Company Name

Provide a quick overview of your company and personal real estate selling history. Be sure to include any areas of specialty, such as working with first-time home buyers. Highlight resources that give you a competitive edge, including your digital tech tools. You may also include accreditations and current listings here if applicable.

List any awards here:
Top Team Seller 
Innovator of the Year

Dustin Smith

Make a personal connection by sharing your bio, but make sure it’s relevant to real estate and how this is your passion.



  • 10 years in selling and buying real estate
  • 20 yearly average transactions
  • $ 3 million dollars in sales volume for 2018

This is not your resume! Keep it short and impressive. Focus on your results in selling and buying real estate. What makes you an expert? Why should they trust you with their house? What sets you apart from the competition?

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What Previous Customers are Saying About [NAME OF AGENCY]

Show 2-3 sold home images with testimonial quotes from clients.

Pre-Listing Guide Slide10

Previous Sales

Three images of sold listings with sale prices and home details.

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Taking the Next Steps

Let’s take the next steps and set up a Listing Appointment. We’ll discuss your home in detail, the current housing market, current home values in the [YOUR MARKET] area, and how we can help you accomplish your top objectives by listing your house. 

Company Name
Contact Info
Since 2005


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